NaijReview is the trusted review site in Nigeria that allows users to make informed decisions by reading reviews and ratings of places and people. It empowers consumers by providing a platform to provide feedback on goods and services; thereby, holding businesses and providers of services accountable.

NaijReview enables businesses to connect better with consumers and improve quality of goods and services based on feedback on reviews. By reviewing the feedback provided by consumer, businesses learn about what they are doing well and what needs to be improved; thereby creating a better product and service.

The Trusted Review Site In Nigeria For Reviewers

1. Search for places or people to review

From the homepage, enter the name of a place (hotel, restaurant, etc) or person you will like to review in the search box and hit enter. For better result, enter the address of the specific place and the use the drop down in the category box to choose the appropriate category. Then click on the appropriate place or business from the search result.

2. Write a Review

While on the business page or place from [1] above, click on “Write a Review” button, rate the business using the 5 star system and be sure to include your comments in the Comment Box. You can also respond to a review by clicking the message icon below the name of the initial reviewer.
NOTE: you can post reviews with out creating a user account. However, there are more benefits to creating an account when adding reviews.

3. Submit Your Review

After completing your rating and including your comment, please be sure to click on “Submit Your Review.”

Add Your Reviews Now

NaijReview offers a simple way to connect with potential customers in your neighborhood in Nigeria, allowing you to read reviews of your customers, understand their needs, and better serve them. With NaijReview, you will boost your business revenues.

For Business owners

1. Create An Account

Creating an account with NaijReview is easy, the facebook login feature allows you to login easily. You will be adding and rating business places in no time.

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2. Submit Your Listing On The Most Visited Review Site In Nigeria.

Adding your business on NaijReview is simple. We’ve made entering the address of your business easy with Google map integration. it will auto complete the business address for you and show the map to your business. You can include your contact email, phone number and website to grant consumers easy access to you. You can also include special features about your place like free wifi, free parking using the “Review Tag” feature. More importantly, you can enter your business hours, so customers don’t come looking for you at wrong hours. Naijreview also offers social media features that allows you to enter your social media pages to gain followers.

3. Get More Interest In Your Place

Our website allows your business to be more attractive to your customers. There are millions of customers and tourists looking for hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, and other businesses in Nigeria. Add your business to NaijReview and boost your revenue.

A research in Harvard shows that 1 star rating can boost your revenue by up to 9%. According to another research study, 93 percent of executives consider the improvement and management of their online reviews as the most important factor to the future of their business. Another research study shows that reputation management strategy has become a higher priority for organizations than marketing and advertising, traffic acquisition, and staff training. Join NaijReview today: it’s simple and fast.

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